Connect To Your Hardware

Send real-time weigh data from your scales to your Web Pro Tournament Manager software, print weigh slips & payment receipts for your anglers, or swipe credit cards during in-person registration.

ScaleMaster II™ Scales

The ScaleMaster II™ is recognized the world over as the scale to use for acceptance into International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) records. The ScaleMaster II™ provides full electronic accuracy never before achieved with any mechanical scale.

How it works: The ScaleMaster II™ connects through our own custom-built driver and sends weigh data in real-time from your scale to your tournament, both locally and remotely. To learn how to connect your scale to WPTM, just watch this video.

Pro Tournament™ H2 Series / Model 357 Scales

The most accurate and quickest scales out there, the H2 Series and Model 357 scales from Pro Tournament Scales™ are worth every penny when it comes to weighing catches in your tournaments.

How it works: Your Pro Tournament™ H2 Series or Model 357 scales send weight data in real-time, both locally and remotely, to your software through our own custom-built driver. To learn how to connect your scale to WPTM, just watch this video.

Thermal Printers

Connect a thermal printer to your computer and WPTM will work right out of the box with it. You can print payment receipts for anglers who register for your tournament in-person and using an online registration kiosk. Automatically print weigh-in tickets for anglers or teams at the moment scoring is entered.

How it works: Just enable receipt printing from your tournament catch log and WPTM will automatically print a ticket for each added catch with lots of customization options. Enable printing in your registration forms and make your registration kiosk completely self-service.

USB Credit Card Swipers

Allow registering anglers to swipe their credit cards for quick inputting of payment information. Just connect a supported external USB card swiper like the MSR90 Credit Card Reader to the software

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