Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started with WPTM

Can I try Web Pro Tournament Manager for free?

Yes, in fact creating an account and setting up your tournaments is completely free for new accounts!  You can even test out your leaderboards and reports with up to 3 free anglers per tournament and create unlimited tournaments.  From then on, you’ll need to purchase credits to register new anglers. 

How much does a credit cost?
The cost of a single  credit is currently $1.25. This amount changes based on demand and availability, but generally is lower off-season and higher during active tournament months.  You can also save 10% if you purchase 400 or more credits at a time.
How many credits do I need to register my anglers?

The first 3 anglers registering to your tournament are FREE. After that, you’ll need at least 1 credit (based on a 1-day tournament) to register each additional angler to your tournament. If your tournament is longer than a single day, this amount will be larger based on your tournament’s duration. For example, a 2-day tournament requires 2 credits to register each angler and a 3-day tournament requires 3 credits to register each angler. Use our online calculator to estimate how many credits you’ll need for your next tournament.

How many credits do I need to maintain my account?

To keep your account active and available to the public, along with any tournaments, leaderboards, event logs, and registered profiles, there is an automatic debit of 5 credits per month on your account billing date. You will also be debited an additional 1 credit per month for each billed tournament you have in the system. For this reason, it’s important to always keep a positive credit balance on your account if you wish to keep it active.

So, what do I need to sign up?

Signing up for a new Web Pro Tournament Manager account is simple and takes about 5 minutes to complete.  You’ll need just your organization’s name, your verified e-mail address, and a chosen subdomain name (usually a shortened version of your organization name, e.g. “mytournament”.)

After signup, you’ll be emailed your new login information with a link to your new account.

What happens if I don’t keep my account enough credits in my account to maintain it?

If you do not have enough credits in your account to maintain it on your monthly billing date, it will be automatically de-activated and no longer available online. Inactive accounts with no tournament-related activity for more than 90 days will be automatically deleted. Accounts inactive for more than 1 year are automatically deleted. Credits on deleted accounts will not be refunded.

How long are your contracts?

Web Pro Tournament Manager does not require any contract to use, but you must agree to the WPTM End-User Agreement to sign up.

Can I purchase the software instead?

No, not at this time.

Pre-Sales FAQ

What happens to my tournament after it ends?

To keep your tournament online, you must maintain your account with sufficient credits per month. You can find out how many you need by clicking Account Summary under the credits icon on any page.

What happens if I don’t keep my account enough credits in my account to maintain it?
If you do not have enough credits in your account to maintain it on your monthly billing date, it will be automatically de-activated and no longer available online. Inactive accounts with no tournament-related activity for more than 90 days will be automatically deleted. Accounts inactive for more than 1 year are automatically deleted. Credits on deleted accounts will not be refunded.

My next fishing tournament is coming up soon. How much time do you need to setup Web Pro Tournament Manager so I can use it in my tournament?

You can get started immediately by creating your account online.  Just click Get Started above to begin.  We recommend that you have at least one week to get acquainted with the system and setup your tournament, team, and angler details prior to the start of your tournament.

What kind of support can I expect for my tournaments?

For new accounts, setup assistance is completely FREE for your first tournament.  We can help get your registration, live scoring, and payments set up so you can be up and running immediately.

For dedicated support during your tournament, we have 3 available support tiers to choose from:
1) Email-only dedicated support ($50/hr) – Perfect for budget-constrained tournaments, email-only support connects you with a dedicated tournament specialist for the hours you specify in your request.  Support on this tier is available by email only and all support requests are usually responded to within 15 minutes or less during your session. 
2) Phone + email support ($100/hr) – For tournaments that need an immediate response during their support session, having access by phone is critical.  Support on our phone + email tier connects you with a dedicated tournament specialist on-call for the hours you specify in your request with a phone number and email address to reach your specialist directly.
3) On-site support (active support up to 8 hours @$600/day or extended support >8 hours @$800/day) – To have a dedicated tournament support specialist on-site with you to help you get setup, monitor and assist with in-person registration or live scoring, and help manage your software throughout the process, use our on-site support tier.  Our specialists are trained to ensure your tournament goes as smoothly as possible and are there to help find and fix any settings you have in the software that could potentially cause issues for your organization.
You can submit your support request for any of the 3 available dedicated support tiers above by enabling support on your Tournament Setup page, then clicking the Submit Support Request button.  
What if your software can’t handle the specific requirements for our tournament?

Web Pro Tournament Manager is very flexible and allows for both simple and very complex tournament setups. In some cases though, you may require additional modifications to made to the software to accomodate special requirements needed by your tournament (e.g. custom registration forms, special custom components or plug-ins, etc…). In this case, you can contact us and we can provide you with a quote based on the work involved to incorporate the changes you need.

We do not, however, provide refunds for a software or credits purchase if you find that the software does not meet all of your tournament needs. It is up to you to determine before purchase if the software can handle the specific requirements for your tournament. We can provide access to a full working demo of Web Pro Tournament Manager before you purchase so that you can make sure of this.

Using Web Pro Tournament Manager

Can the software send out emails to all the teams or anglers in a tournament as a bulk message?

Yes, the Web Pro Tournament Manager has a built-in “Send E-mail” function which allows you to send emails to all of your anglers, or just select ones from a specific tournament, series, or team. 

Your emails are stored in the system which means that you can edit and re-use them later on if you send similar emails in the future.

How do I get started with my first tournament?

Just follow the link sent to your email when you created your account to login.

Once logged in, you’ll be directed to the Dashboard where you can create your first tournament immediately.  If you have additional questions about how that process works, just watch the video (also available from the Dashboard) which will walk you through the steps of creating your first fishing tournament with WPTM.

Can I use the software with multiple users connected at the same time?

Yes, you can add an unlimited amount of both full users (admins) and limited users (tournament assistants) to manage your tournaments.  Every change is tracked as well, so if you need to see who did what and when, a quick visit to the System Log can let you see everything that happened under the different user accounts you set up.

To make things easy to manage, your login can stay active for up to 90 days.  Here’s how to do that:
1) Make sure nobody else is using your same account to log in.  For example, if you have 3 different people accessing tournaments under your account, you must give each their own separate username and password.  If anyone logs in under your account while you are logged in, you’ll get logged out the next time you access anything in the software because the IP address you logged in under no longer matches what the system expects.  This is for both security and for accountability under the system logs.
2) Check the little box “Remember me” box before you login next time.  This is the little feature that does all the magic and keeps you logged in for 90 days, but only if it’s checked before you click the “Sign In” button.
If you still keep getting logged out after you do these two things, you might want to check if your internet provider is changing IP addresses on your connection frequently.  This is rare but does happen and the fix is to ask your provider to update your router hardware or software to solve the issue.
Tournament Manager

Logos & Trademarks

Many of our brand assets are listed below so you can easily find the information you need. If use of a brand asset listed below is permitted, we explain the conditions for the permitted use and provide self-service instructions.

Any use of our brand assets in broadcast, such as in television of film production, must be approved by us in writing prior to use. Please see the Broadcast Request section below.

General usage guidelines

General guidelines that apply to all permitted uses of the Brand Assets:

  1. Avoid using Brand Assets in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with The Web Pro or Web Pro Tournament Manager, or approval, sponsorship, or endorsement by The Web Pro.
  2. Do not present a Brand Asset in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature on your web page, printed material, or other content.
  3. Do not use The Web Pro’s Brand Assets in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to The Web Pro.
  4. You may not present or feature the Brand Assets on websites containing content associated with pornography, gambling, or illegal activities.
  5. You may not combine our Brand Assets, or elements of our Brand Assets, with your own name or mark or generic terms.
  6. Do not use trademarks, logos, or other content that is confusingly similar to the Brand Assets.
  7. We do not require the use of either the ® or the TM attribution symbols with our Brand Assets.

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