Calculate the pricing the matches your tournament or series.

Pay-per-use  (for most tournaments)

Use our credit system to pay only for those anglers who register to your tournament. Sign up is FREE and you don’t have to buy a single credit until your ready to open up registration.
Example pricing for a single tournament:

  • 1-day tournament with 100 anglers – 100 credits (cost: $125.00)
  • 2-day tournament with 50 anglers – 100 credits (cost: $125.00)
  • 3-day tournament with 100 anglers – 300 credits (cost: $375.00)
  • 2-day tournament with 250 anglers – 500 credits (cost: $675.00 $—.–)
  • Year-long tournament with 100 anglers – 400 credits (cost: $500.00 $—.–)
Save 15% when you purchase 400 or more credits at a time.
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Purchase a License  (for larger tournaments)

For larger 1- to 2-day tournaments with more than 500 anglers, for longer duration tournaments with more than 250 anglers, or for those organizations who run multiple annual tournaments, it may make sense to purchase a license instead of opting for our pay-per-use system.

Additionally, organizations who purchase a license can connect their own domain name to the software and can optionally use our design-matching service to keep the same design of their existing website on all public-facing pages of the software.

We offer 4 license purchase options:
– Standard License (for a single annual tournament w/unlimited teams & anglers), cost: $6,950
– Standard Plus License (for up to 5 annual tournaments w/unlimited teams & anglers), cost: $9,950
– Extended License (for up to 10 annual tournaments w/unlimited teams & anglers), cost: $12,950
– Extended Plus License (for up to 25 annual tournaments w/unlimited teams & anglers), cost: $18,950

If you’re interested in purchasing a license, please contact us to get started.


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Use our online calculator to estimate how many credits you’ll need for your next tournament.

Not sure which pricing option works best for you?

We can guide you through the decision process so you can understand the costs for each option based on the what your organization needs. Just contact us to get started.

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Everyone LOVED the site! A few more tournaments may be reaching out to sign up after seeing our site!! Thanks again for everything!

Amy Amico, Director, <a href="" target="_blank">TBBA Slam</a>

We love the software and it makes life so much easier!

Raul Tarango, Director, <a href="" target="_blank">Texas Patriots</a>

Everyone is really raving about our new program, our tournament management system, and I’m very, very, very impressed with it!

Ralph White, <a href="" target="_blank">Barbados Game Fishing Association</a>

We switched to Web Pro Tournament Manager this year for the three legs of our Florida Keys Gold Cup Series. The software was a breeze to use and setting up our tournaments was quick and easy! I would definitely recommend Web Pro Tournament Manager for any professional tournament or series.

Dianne Harbaugh, <a href="" target="_blank">Islamorada Charter Boat Association</a>

I’ve worked with four other tournament software programs before and yours is by far the most problem-free one I’ve tried. Kudos to you and your team!

Mike Weinhofer, Director, Key West Sailfish Championship
Mike Weinhofer, Director, Key West Sailfish Championship