Features of WPTM

Web Pro Tournament Manager is packed with thousands of individual features and options. Learn about the most important ones with this guide.


Extend Your Tournament

Open up your tournament to your anglers with live results, online registration, and much more!

Extend Your Tournament
Online Registration

Give your anglers the option of registering for your tournament online through both team and individual angler registration forms. Customize the form fields to your liking and enable online payments.

Live Results Leaderboards

Add as many team- or angler-based leaderboards as you need to your tournament’s public or private live results pages. Each leaderboard has all the options you’ll need to match your awards.

More Tournament Pages

Add tournament description pages, rules, downloadable documents, TV-output pages, even catch-entry forms so your anglers can enter in their own catches. WPTM has everything you need in one place!


Manage Your Tournament

Access to everything from one place: save time with an intelligent tournament setup page.

Manage Your Tournament
Tournament: Setup

From the setup page, you can access all registered teams and anglers, manage the species, sponsors, team/angler groups, and pages connected to your tournament, and modify global settings.

Tournament: Event Log

The tournament event log holds all catches and scored or un-scored events added by your administrators, assistants, or from the anglers themselves if you allow it. Easily add, edit, or remove catches as needed.

Tournament: Reports

When you need to review, print, export, or archive tournament-specific information, just access your tournament reports section. Reports are generated for anglers, teams, events, and team or angler groups.

Incredibly Powerful Features

  • Customize for different tournament setups – Every tournament has different needs and requirements, so we’ve added a wide variety of scoring and setup options to choose from, including several point and weight formats, scoring modes, angler catch limits by size, team-only scoring, tournament durations from a single day to as long as one year, and much more.
  • Receive online credit card payments – Attach a third-party merchant account like Authorize.net or Payeezy to your software to enable online credit card payments. You can receive payments from your online registration forms, both typed or swiped, or manually through the admin panel.
  • Powerful page customization – Add as many pages as you need for your tournament and website, and customize any page (including team and angler pages) in any way you like.
  • Automatic and smart tournament reports – Web Pro Tournament Manager automatically builds and updates reports as your tournament runs through it’s phases. Team/angler rosters and catch reports are fully customizable… you can even manage amounts due and team/angler payments!
  • Connects to your existing hardware – Already have a weigh scale, printer, or card swiper for your tournament? WPTM can connect to a variety of existing hardware.

Smart Tournament Management

  • Online registration & payments – Quickly put together online registration for your teams, boats, and individuals in any format you need. Enable payments through any one of our connected gateways (PayPal, Square, Authorize.net, and many more) to receive online payments.
  • Manageable team & angler divisions/classifications – Add or change divisions for both teams and anglers. If additional categorization of teams or anglers are needed, just use team or angler classifications. Filter all your leaderboards or reports by any amount of divisions and/or classifications.
  • Great support for sponsors – Your fishing tournament would be little without help from your sponsors. Give back to them with advertisements, banners, links, or even full-page write-ups.
  • Zero 3rd-party ads – The software is free of advertisements. No annoying 3rd-party ads. You paid for the software, why let somebody else advertise during your tournament? The only ads your anglers will see will be those of your own personal sponsors.
  • Send bulk emails & SMS – Send out mass emails or text messages by team, by tournament, or by individual angler before, during, or after your tournaments directly from your tournament control panel.
  • …and so, so much more!

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface – Pick up and use the software in minutes without having to read through lengthy manuals first.
  • Intelligent tournament management – Web Pro Tournament Manager walks you through your tournament setup and changes modes as your tournament progresses through it’s different phases.
  • Smart administration – The administration system makes things simple and easy by allowing drag/drop, using inline windows, and internal loading to keep you working fast and smart.
  • Online user guide & email/phone support – Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our online user guide is filled with articles and videos to guide you through any part of your fishing tournament setup. Our staff is also available during regular business hours to walk you through anything you need.

Multiple Platforms and Modes

  • Output to TV & large screen – Build a live result page specially formatted for large screen output and use your browser to send it to a connected external device like a separate monitor, TV, or large screen display.
  • Use Kiosk Mode – Want to use your online registration forms to register your anglers in-person? Just use it in TV output mode and instantly create a in-person registration kiosk.
  • 100% Mobile-friendly – Web Pro Tournament Manager is designed to scale to the screen it’s accessed on. That means visitors viewing your registration forms and live results pages can access all of the same information your desktop visitors do. The administration area is also accessible on your mobile phone or tablet as well so you always have quick access.

Fast Access from Anywhere

  • Web-based for easy access – Web Pro Tournament Manager runs online which allows any internet-connected computer secure access to the software from anywhere.
  • Use on multiple computers – Can be used on multiple computers from different locations at the same time. Great for multiple points of data entry.
  • Dedicated tournament server – Web Pro Tournament Manager is installed on our dedicated servers run by the professionals at The Web Pro. This ensures that your tournament will be getting the best performance, speed, security, and power available.
  • Integrates with your own website (full license only) – The software can be setup to integrate directly with your existing website through a sub-domain, or can be used as a full website if you don’t already have one.
  • Optimized for speed – Quick loading in both the publicly-viewable pages as well as the administration areas, even under heavy loads at tournament time.

Unlimited Everything!

  • Unlimited tournaments – Use the software for as many events as you need! Web Pro Tournament Manager even remembers your teams and anglers from prior tournaments to use again when needed.
  • Unlimited users – The software can be assigned as many administrators and users as you see fit!
  • Unlimited teams and anglers – No built-in limits to hold back the needs of your tournaments.
  • Unlimited pages and sections – Without page limits, you can build mini-sites for each tournament or even use the software to run a full website with sections and pages alongside your tournament results.
  • Unlimited sponsors – Manage sponsors easily by adding as little or as many as you need, then connecting them to any corresponding tournament and showing their logos and linking to their websites.

Software & Hardware

Connect To Your Hardware

Send weight data in real-time from your scales to your tournament during weigh-in, print weigh slips for your anglers, or swipe credit cards during in-person registration.

Connect To Your Hardware

ScaleMaster II™ Scales

The ScaleMaster II™ is recognized the world over as the scale to use for acceptance into International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) records. The ScaleMaster II™ provides full electronic accuracy never before achieved with any mechanical scale.

How it works: The ScaleMaster II™ connects through our own custom-built driver and sends weigh data in real-time from your scale to your tournament, both locally and remotely. To learn how to connect your scale to WPTM, just watch this video.

Pro Tournament™ H2 Series / Model 357 Scales

The most accurate and quickest scales out there, the H2 Series and Model 357 scales from Pro Tournament Scales™ are worth every penny when it comes to weighing catches in your tournaments.

How it works: Your Pro Tournament™ H2 Series or Model 357 scales send weight data in real-time, both locally and remotely, to your software through our own custom-built driver. To learn how to connect your scale to WPTM, just watch this video.

Connect To Your Hardware

Connect To Your Hardware

Thermal Printers

Connect a thermal printer to your computer and WPTM will work right out of the box with it. You can print payment receipts for anglers who register for your tournament in-person and using an online registration kiosk. Automatically print weigh-in tickets for anglers or teams at the moment scoring is entered.

How it works: Just enable receipt printing from your tournament catch log and WPTM will automatically print a ticket for each added catch with lots of customization options. Enable printing in your registration forms and make your registration kiosk completely self-service.

USB Credit Card Swipers

Allow registering anglers to swipe their credit cards for quick inputting of payment information. Just connect a supported external USB card swiper like the MSR90 Credit Card Reader to the software

Connect To Your Hardware

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