Screenshots: Administration Area

  • Tournament Manager: Login

    This is the main entrance to the administration area. You can have multiple users in the system, each with different logins and passwords, with different access levels.
  • Main Dashboard

    Web Pro Tournament Manager guides you through the process of setting up your next tournament, or gives direct access to your tournament if it has already been setup.
  • Tournament: Adding a Catch

    This is your "live" tournament page where you add angler check-ins, catches, and other events. Each item you add shows in a running list below and can be re-edited easily.
  • Tournament Pages

    Every tournament, team, and angler has their own automatically-generated public webpage in Web Pro Tournament Manager. You can easily sort and edit them here in the Pages section.
  • Page Editor: Customize Anything

    Editing a page is simple with a drag and drop interface. Add new components to a page quickly and customize any automatically-generated page as little or as much as you wish.
  • Sponsors List

    The Tournament Manager also allows you to edit sponsors, species, anglers, and teams outside of a tournament. Great for getting everything setup beforehand with logos and photos.
  • Tournament Setup

    This is the main setup page for any tournament. From this screen, you can add all of your teams, anglers, sponsors and species to the tournament you're editing.

Screenshots: Public Website View

  • Tournament: Live Results

    All of your tournament have a main Live Results page where your teams and anglers can follow the action in real-time during the tournament. It's completely customizable too!
  • Tournament: Team Page

    Every team has their own statistics page, complete with score tables that update automatically during tournament time. Anglers can also follow their own personal stats in real-time!
  • Tournament: About Page

    The public-end of the website displays the page with all of the custom components you chose in the administration area. This is an example "about" page for a tournament.
  • The Web Pro Tournament Manager is made in the U.S.A.!

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